About Alliance Animal Health

Learn more about our mission in bringing a new level of service to the veterinary space.

How Alliance Animal Health Got Started

Alliance Animal Health was founded in 2017 based on the need for a new service model in the veterinary industry. The approach was to create a true partnership model that would help veterinarians by removing the stress of managing the business side of the practice and giving them the benefits of being part of a larger organization while retaining the local culture. It was the beginning of a refreshing, non-corporate alternative to the typical multi-practice group, offering an authenticity that is hard to come by.

This new model brings forward true partnership at the practice-level and is dedicated to providing veterinarians with the freedom of medical autonomy and the commitment to keeping the practice’s unique culture. In fact, our culture is knowing your culture. We strive to give each practice an edge but maintain the practice’s distinctive vibe.

When you join our pack, your practice is truly our priority.

This Growing Pack Never Stops

200+ partner practices

27 states

3000+ team members

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Our Core Beliefs

Pets are more than just pets

They are family members that are faithfully and unconditionally loved, and they are cared for in that way.

Vets love practicing medicine

The business side of owning and running a practice can detract from the love of helping animals.

Keeping the Practice Culture is Critical

We love the practice you’ve built and are here to amplify your culture, not change it.

Based on these three beliefs, we saw an opportunity for a new partnership model committed to providing veterinarians a way to practice medicine how they want and enable successful heritages to stay in place. We make it our business to support those made to heal and care for animals. From the technician to the doctors to the practice managers and our partners, we work shoulder to shoulder to provide our clinics with the support they need. Our goal is to help them grow, connect with more clients, and handle management issues in a way that contributes to retaining their practice culture and medical autonomy.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values were literally written with pets in mind.


We are zealously dedicated to serving those who provide care for and love pets.


We work closely with our doctors and practice leaders to drive the best results, offer the highest quality of care and create an exciting work environment.


Our joint ventures are built on trust: we trust our doctors to provide the best care to the animals and our doctors trust us to help steer the practice in the right direction.


We provide best-in-class service to our hospitals and our employees, and we support our hospitals in providing that same service to their clients and furry customers.

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Meet The Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Sussman

Prior to co-founding Alliance Animal Health, Matt had experience working in corporate strategy and financial services in the healthcare, consumer, and retail industries. Matt also had specific experience in the veterinary services industry where he worked closely with one of the largest aggregators of veterinary hospitals when it was in its early stages.

Matt received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences where he studied behavioral psychology and economics through the Independent Major program.

Steve Sung

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Miller

Chief Development Officer

Robin Black

Chief People Officer

Kelly Harbert

Senior Vice President Operations

Christy Sherrick

Senior Vice President Marketing and Analytics

Michael Sabin

Vice President of Strategy

Yeah, We Hate Traditional, Stuffy Cultures Too

Our culture is anything but corporate. Think of us as your practice’s trusted companion, Lassie, except we can talk. You can count on genuine compassion and transparency, resting a little easier knowing that we will always be in your corner with your best interest at heart.

It’s one of the reasons we score so highly when we check in with our partner doctors on their happiness – because we don’t think of this as work. We genuinely love what we do. In fact, we’re obsessed with serving those who love pets; it’s our literal mission. Every day we leave our egos at the door and show up with a roll-up-our sleeves attitude to serve your practice, regardless of anyone’s title or experience. We get excited about the little and big wins we achieve together.

Join a pack you can count on (and have a little fun with), every step of the way.

Why We Get Up in the Morning – Our Partners

We love our partners and are thrilled to have so many practices within our network. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to take some of the day to day stress off their shoulders so they can focus on the care of animals that we both love.

A Few Kind Words that Make Us Blush

The culture at Alliance has been refreshingly different. Because of the autonomy that our clinics maintain after partnering with us, I have been motivated to seek creative ways to support the clinics while keeping each individual approach unique.

Jessica Currie, Regional Director

I am very proud and honored to have been the first AAH employee. It is a pleasure being part of such a great company that is growing in the right direction and where I feel recognized and valued. I love my job because it is not a job to me, I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

Christy Thacker, Financial Controller

Come Join Our Team

We’re looking for rockstar veterinarians, students, business support roles and more. Come see what all the buzz is about. Check out the open positions in your area.