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We know you can only provide the best care to others when you, yourself, are in top shape. We offer physical, mental and financial resources so you are always supported.

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You Take Care of Pets, We’ll Take Care of You.

We’re here for you in ways that extend beyond a business partnership. We genuinely care about you and your team, which is why we offer personal financial advising, retirement planning, healthcare benefits and a competitive 401k, on top of any mental health support.

We Ask. We Listen.

When we ask how you’re doing, we actually listen. We want to better identify your needs and explore how best we can support them. It’s important to us to hear your thoughts and learn about your experiences so we can continue cultivating a future that benefits you.

Reset and Recharge

A healthy work/life balance isn’t just a catchy phrase for us–we believe it’s an essential part of being. We encourage you to take all of your paid time off so you can stay inspired and motivated.

Your Mental Health is Our Priority

Compassion fatigue is real and we want to provide you with the tools to help. We offer an Employee Assistance Program which provides professional, confidential services to help you and your loved ones improve your quality of life. The program offers a variety of assistance services including a dedicated support line for full-time team members with 24/7 unlimited telephone support and up to 3 counseling sessions a year.

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