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We offer exclusive and affordable education programs designed to help you, your doctors, and your staff reach the career of their dreams.

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Fueling Your Development

There’s a path for everyone in our Alliance Animal Health family – from a student entering a professional career, to moving from an associate doctor to an owner or becoming a licensed vet technician and everything in between. We’ll support your team every step of the way to make their goals a reality.

Partnership with Penn Foster

We’re excited to share that we’ve built a partnership with Penn Foster, a national online university known for its veterinary practice education. AAH partners with Penn Foster to offer a discounted tuition rate for veterinary technician associates’ degrees. Penn Foster provides a “go at your own pace” type of learning and is an AVMA-accredited school. You’ll be able to sit for the VTNE after program completion and obtain your CVT, RVT, or LVT.

Education Programs Built Just For You

Reach the career of your dreams with exclusive education beyond the classroom. One of the perks of partnering with us is exclusive access to our learning platform, Alliance Academy for All. With it, any team member– doctor, technician, vet assistant, receptionist, kennel assistant, you name it — can unlock exclusive content to help you maintain innovative approaches to your areas of interest through educational courses and professional growth curriculums. Build your own course curriculum based on your passion and your schedule.

Alliance Academy Mentors

Alliance Academy Mentors is a 12-Month program that focuses on building confident clinical skills and positive mental health and wellbeing. There will be support offered along the way by our multi-tier mentors along with the entire Alliance DVM Network. We believe the key to success is building on clinical skills while keeping mental health in the forefront.

This is not your average Mentorship. It’s a one-of-its-kind program designed to help both post-graduate and new veterinarians translate “book learning” into real-life applications before their first day starts!

By going through Alliance Academy Mentors, new graduates will gain confidence, soft skills, and business insights so they can feel prepared for their new roles. Not only that, but they’ll also have gained a competitive edge against other veterinarian students because their experience won’t stop in the classroom. Instead, participants will be exposed to the ins and outs of a vet’s daily job.

Additional Educational offerings will be provided throughout the program in a variety of unique ways. A continuing education series focuses on conflict, communication, and compassion fatigue. The content is presented by highly sought out industry speakers and are RACE-approved.

Monthly Webinar led discussions that focus on school vs. real-life scenarios. These scenarios are an additional chance to gain insight from fellow new graduates and find areas of success or struggle. These sessions will offer support from the Alliance Animal Health Family and fellow graduates.

New Graduates will have an opportunity to join us for a hands-on Dental Wet Lab session, where a Board Certified Dentist will guide recent graduates through both feline and canine extractions and radiographs.

Participants in the program will have an opportunity to role-play, real-life exam room situations, and receive guidance on how to approach difficult situations.

New Veterinarians are paired with a Tenured DVM in practice who will mentor/guide you along with a Junior Mentor who’s there for that additional support. Most private practices don’t have the time for meaningful onboarding and mentorship, but our network of DVMs makes the time. You will join a community where we set each person up for success. You can count on real connections, so there will always be a dedicated doctor to mentor you in each of the practices we partner with.

Student Scholarships

To best celebrate our values and business partnership model we partner with several veterinary schools to recognize students in unique scholarships.

Our CARES Award celebrates students who demonstrate our Alliance Cares principles of financial, physical, and emotional wellness. Our Business Acumen Award recognizes student leaders with passions of entrepreneurship inside or outside of veterinary medicine.

Please look out for these opportunities through your Alliance student ambassadors and school management.

Education Assistance Program

Already started furthering your career? Our Alliance Aid educational assistance program is designed for you to excel. We reimburse up to $4,000 a year on any veterinarian-related education expenses with no taxable implications. So you can move forward with more education, less debt.

Student Lending Employee Benefit Program

Alliance Animal Health offers student financing through an exclusive Joint Venture with Citizens Bank! We are dedicated to helping you and your family manage student loan debt with access to exclusive offers and student lending experts. Whether you and your family are planning to pay for college or managing student loan payments, choose from flexible repayment options, low competitive rates and principal credit reduction on a new education refinance loan.

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