How to Join the Pack

Alliance Animal Health takes a flexible, customized approach to allow owners to maximize the value of their practice.

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A Partnership Fit for You

No two veterinary practices as the same, which is why we don’t build “one-size-fits-all” partnerships. You deserve a partnership that honors your needs, appreciates your values and sets you up for success. 

Our team doesn’t just want to get to know you, we want to understand your passion, your team, and what makes your tail wag so we can create a customized model for you. 

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What Does the Process Look Like?

Start the conversation

Talk through the details

Make it official

  • Initial Due Diligence
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Negotiation

These phases of the process can take anywhere from one month to over two years, depending on a potential partners desire to transact. Alliance Animal Health reviews a comprehensive set of financial information and engages with potential partners to understand the practice culture, history, and most importantly the potential partners future plan and goals.

  • Sign LOI
  • Data Collection
  • Legal Documents

While these phases involve a lot of analysis, the main goal is to establish a relationship to build a quality partnership from.

  • Pre Closing Call
  • Closing

It can take anywhere from 45 days to several months to close a transaction after signing an LOI, and Alliance Animal Health aims to make it as seamless as possible


Common Closing Concerns and FAQs

  • As little as possible to ensure a smooth transition
  • Replace credit card terminals
  • Setup Vetcove
  • Your team meets our team
  • No, you have built a successful team that is vital to our mutual success
  • You will no longer need to pay any bills or invoices.
  • Same as before, but through our payroll service
  • Execute associate veterinarian employment agreements
  • Yes, you are not required to be at a bank or your lawyer’s office on closing day. You can treat this day just like any other
  • You do, and you decide.
  • We set you up with VetCove and give you access to our contracts for all the vendors you have historically used
  • All full-time employees will have access to a full suite of benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401k
  • Regional manager
  • HR manager
  • Operations team
  • Business development
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We pride ourselves in our non-traditional structure and family style corporate culture. We have flexible deal structure options to work with any transition model you might want to consider. Our tailored hospital support model gets you back to practicing medicine, versus everyday business and management headaches. Depending on your goals, Alliance Animal Health is most likely to answer your needs with creative options rather than standardized protocols and from there, you can decide what might work best in your hospital/region. In short, we provide peace of mind of shared Joint Venture, the benefits of ownership, tailored support for local influence and medical freedom without the burdens of heavy day to day business management.

We want to partner with you and your associate if they’re interested so that they remain engaged throughout the transition. Benefits to them include business and management support while still having an ownership stake and controlling daily operations. They’ll still get annual distributions and oversee the hospitals quality of medicine. Maximize your hospital’s valuation and your family’s access to up-front capital by partnering with us!

There are substantial risks to putting off your retirement planning. One or more of your associate DVM’s could leave which could substantially affect your hospital valuation or if you should become gravely injured, ill or perish, your family may be forced to quickly sell your practice at a reduced price. Also, most groups will ask for 3 – 5 years of continued presence in the practice to help with transition, therefor your “five-year plan” could easily turn into a “ten-year plan.”

We believe that Alliance Animal Health is uniquely positioned to help take your practice to the next level. With our tailored support, sophisticated practice analytics and trending software and your medical expertise, we’re partnering for success and growth! Our goal is to help you realize this accomplishment and more, while enjoying less ownership burden, controlling the daily operations of the business and continuing to take advantage of increased distributions and earning as the practice grows!

While we do have deal structures available that require no commitment when associate Joint Ventures are available, we believe that with our support and an improved work-life balance, if you’re willing to commit to 3-5 years Joint Venture to help us transition your clients and team, you’ll enjoy maximum practice value, ongoing distributions and a healthy work-life balance!

There are many factors pressuring todays veterinary business including online drug sales, low cost or free vaccine and spay/neuter clinics and veterinarian shortages to work the necessary shifts to name a few. By joining Alliance Animal Health we can help by 1) providing you with better buying power to help you compete with online drug sales 2) providing you with data analytics and benchmarking analysis to watch your practice trends and easily identify areas of opportunity you may want to address 3) assistance with professional recruitment to help keep your hospital optimally staffed for success and more!

We understand how much work and effort went into building such a successful practice. Regardless of the Joint Venture approach we take with your practice, Alliance Animal Health is committed to preserving your individual practice identity, staffing, branding and culture! Our vision: We strive to build a platform of veterinary hospitals that culturally adheres to the independent principles that made the practices successful prior to our Joint Venture while taking advantage of the benefits of being part of a larger company. We will treat your team as our own and provide them with benefits and ongoing development opportunities.

We always encourage and prefer our partners to have a continued presence in the practice and are proud to be able to provide a culture and incentives for them to stay 5+ years and hopefully longer!

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Ready for Next Steps?

If you’re ready to learn a bit more about a flexible deal structure fit for you, we’d love to hear from you!

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