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No matter where you, your doctors, or your staff are in their careers, our unique financial offerings are there every step of the way.

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Your Financial Growth.

No matter where you or your practice teams are at in their careers, we’re here to help propel you to new levels of financial success.

It Can Be Tough When You’re Getting Started

Student Debt Interest Reduction

Because of the relationship we have with financial institutions, we can bring you a refinancing program that lets you save on your student loans. Experience a little more financial freedom with a 1-2% reduction on interest.

Student Loan Financial Support

We’ll work with you to support your loan paybacks including reimbursement and other incentives when you stay within our practice network.

No Student Loans?

Let’s talk about other incentives. And if you don’t have student debt, we have additional retention incentives to work with when you join an Alliance Animal Health practice.

Dreaming Big Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream

Education Assistance Program

If you want to keep learning, we want to help you. Our Education Assistance Program will provide partial reimbursement for any veterinarian-related education expenses. And the best part is that we offer this to anyone within the practice, no matter their role.

Partner Track

For our associate doctors with a dream to own their own practice, we’ve created a path for you to be able to step into future ownership positions. We will mentor you to build up your skillset so you can step into the partner doctor position with ease to run the practice when the time is right.

Ready to Put Up the “Gone Fishing” Sign?

Your Legacy

You don’t want your practice left in the hands of just anyone. That’s why we will work together to create a transition plan for you to help identify which future doctor would lead your practice down the road. If you choose, you can be an integral part of this process because we want you to feel comfortable that your practice will be in good hands. You’ve built a team and legacy, and we want to make sure everyone is supported and taken care of. ​

401K Match

At Alliance Animal Health, we don’t just throw you a bone. We will support you with a matched 401K after your first year with us to further propel your retirement dreams. ​​Our Safe Harbor plan offers substantial matching opportunities so we can invest together for your future.

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