Partner Track

This one-of-a-kind program creates the opportunity for a doctor to buy into an existing practice.

With Partner Track, our doctors get the chance to grow a practice, lead a team, AND gain access to financial independence and wealth creation.

Making practice ownership a reality

We are able to offer a very low-risk loan with no interest or principal due for the first 5 years. What also makes this one-of-a-kind is that there are no liens on your assets and no personal guarantees are required.

It’s ownership with financial freedom.

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Wondering if it’s the right path for you?

The Partner Track is perfect for someone ready to take the next step in their career and excited to lead a team, grow their business, carry on the legacy of an existing practice, and take it to the next stage of future growth.

This opportunity is also a great path for doctors and existing partners interested in opening a new location.

How do we help you succeed on the Partner Track?

Our mentorship and training programs will ensure a transitioning doctor feels confident to hit the ground running.

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