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Alliance Animal Health is dedicated to your practice’s success, which is why we launched our unique and exclusive Alliance Advantage program.

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Your Shortcut to Success.

We’re not horsing around, we can show you the math of how we will immediately help drive your practice’s success. Through our proprietary Alliance Edge program, you’ll have access to our strong network of pricing along with our operational team of experts who can find any holes in the bucket where expenses are slipping out. You’ll immediately see the benefit and how we will start driving impact to the bottom line. And it doesn’t stop there, with shared best practices and growth-based bonuses – the whole practice can benefit from the growth of your practice. We leave the pet care to you while we’re behind the scenes making the business magic happen.

Give your Practice an Edge with Buying Power

With Alliance Animal Health buying power, you will immediately experience new levels of vendor pricing across all areas of the hospital, accessing the best possible rates while maintaining medical autonomy over your practice.

Real Human Support, Real Bottom Line Impact

Regional Operations Support team will be there for you to help you keep an eye on your revenue and all that comes with it. They’ll work closely with you to find business solutions that will make your practice more effective and profitable. Think of them as your own personal guide and support team that can help make things run more smoothly and make your practice more successful.​

Giving the Whole Practice a Reason to Celebrate

The whole practice benefits from the profit growth with incentive-based bonuses. We want to share the love and offer benefits throughout the whole team, so the impact of revenue and profit growth is felt by all.

There’s a Reason Some Fish Swim in a School

Use our network to better your practice. We have an incredible collective group of bright practice leaders and we apply those learnings across our strong and growing network of clinics. We also know how important it is to customize the approach to each practice so what we offer is truly as unique as each of our practices are. We’ve learned from our experience and can’t wait to share it with you.

The Art and Science of the Perfect Client Communication

Our marketing team is constantly working to develop a proprietary and data-driven formula for the perfect balance of emails, SMS, Post Cards and messages to help get your message most effectively to your clients. They want to make the behind-the-scenes logic easy and simple so you can continue driving the 1-1 relationships that you’ve worked hard to develop. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger if you want to be part of this program. We’ll do all of the work for you, keeping you in the loop with content before it goes out to a client.

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