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Community, Growth, and Success: Alliance Animal Health Welcomes 200th Partner Practice

Published 11:45 AM CDT, February 1, 2024

With more partner practices, Alliance Animal Health’s commitment to local-level ownership and medical autonomy grows

RYE BROOK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 / / — Alliance Animal Health, based in Rye Brook, New York, proudly announces the addition of the 200th veterinary partner practice in the Alliance Animal Health family, further solidifying their position as a leader in the U.S. veterinary industry. The newest partner practice exemplifies Alliance Animal Health’s continued success and expansive reach across 27 states.

CEO Matt Sussman reflects on what it means to him. “We’re on a mission to serve those who love pets, and with each new partnership, our commitment grows stronger. I’m proud that the promises we have made to each partner practice from the onset ring true today: we provide complete medical autonomy, we maintain the local culture, and we help each practice grow through custom business solutions. We are honored our partners chose us and want to extend a warm welcome to our 200th partner practice. As we look ahead, we aim to expand our partnerships across the country and grow our community one practice at a time. We offer an unmatched opportunity for all veterinary industry professionals, and I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible pack.”

Alliance Animal Health is the largest Veterinary Services Organization that partners exclusively with veterinarians at the practice level through a joint-venture partnership model. The organization has over 300 partners that own with them at their respective practice. This creates total alignment, allows for true medical autonomy, and helps maintain the local practice culture. Alliance Animal Health provides best-in-class operational resources to support the success of their partner practices, fostering a focus on teammate development and practice growth and innovation.

With this growth, Alliance Animal Health continues to expand resources to support their practices. This includes the Alliance Academy for All Mentorship program for new graduates, which offers incoming doctors a platform to learn and develop through hands-on surgical, dental, and exam-room training, as well as a network of like-minded doctors with whom they can ask questions and share knowledge. It means more innovative marketing programs to support the increasing needs of pet parents, training and development opportunities for non-doctor teammates, and robust support on talent acquisition.

For those who might not have a partner today, joining this 200-practice family means tapping into a strong community that elevates individual practices and propels them toward success, while keeping the local culture alive and offering unwavering support. The company values incredible patient care and medical autonomy, so the more doctors who join the network, the more resources they all will have for sharing best practices and collaborating as a community. They are eager to continue supporting the growth of each practice within their dynamic network.